5 Ways To Identify Counterfeit Cards

There’s no doubt that technology is rapidly rising and changing in the 21st century. We have robots that look similar to a human being and people can communicate to any part of the world. So, it’s not a hard task for anyone today to create fake cards. It looks so genuine that any of us would fall for it. Today, there have been many reports of counterfeit cards being used all over the world. Here’s 5 ways to save you from being the victim of another counterfeit card.

The magnetic strip

Hold back if you see a damaged magnetic strips in your customer’s card. Frauds and thieves don’t have the time to perfectly recreate a card that is almost similar to a genuine one. This is your knight in shining armor. If you see one, it’s a good time to call security.

The unique features

Every card company has unique features to help them identify a person’s information or to check if the card is genuine or not. For instance, visa card numbers always starts with a ‘4’ and a master card will always start with a 5. Pay attention to the features of the cards. This can help you identify if the card is a counterfeit or a genuine one.

The material

You would have done your credit repair months ago only to find that you can’t take anymore loan because of the score that you have. Businessmen and owners can protect themselves from credit skimming by identifying the material in the card. The card doesn’t have a hologram or it looks dull. The embossed letters doesn’t seem right. This a warning call for you to lay down the card and report it. Thieves maybe smart but you will be surprised to know that they don’t do much homework when it comes to working hard on the surface of the card.

The Symmetry

Frauds could care less about how the numbers are placed and where the signatures are kept. All they do is create a fake card in order to get away from theft. They miss out the tiny details that can help you realize a counterfeit. Look at the numbers in your card. Are they aligned? Does the embossment look its written from a pen? Do the numbers look suspiciously skewed? This is where you realize that you were about to accept a counterfeit card instead of a genuine one.

Their behavior

The nail biting, the fidgeting and the sweat can give away a person who is about to commit a fraudulent. Fast credit repair companies tend to analyze the card and not the person. They tend to accept any card that comes their way to repair it and clear all financial black marks. Link here http://www.realcreditrepairers.com.au/why-choose-us/ provide a good fast credit repair that will satisfied your needs.

But they could be dealing with a counterfeit card which can ruin the reputation of their name. These are 5 different ways that one can use to identify a fake card that is being produced at their desk. Don’t be overwhelmed with the queue that is standing behind or don’t underestimate the shiny card looks. Take your time and look through it properly. You will be able to save yourself from a counterfeit card.

Accounting – The Mistakes To Avoid

Hiring an accountant is one of the most important tasks with regards to filling up the initial staff positions of a start-up. Whilst there certainly are plenty of candidates for the job, it should be understood that any sensible employer should put care into the hiring of this specific position. Here are some of the worst mistakes to make when hiring an accountant or bookkeeper: 

  • Believing all accountants are the same – the number one mistake that employers tend to make is the belief that every business accountant is the same. The easiest way to explain the error in this train of thought would be to inquire into whether every company is the same. The answer is simple: they are not. Whilst all companies are related to the business industry, the services or products they provide are hardly the same, and even if the same product or service is provided, there are differences to be seen. The case is similar with accountants and bookkeepers: different candidates have different strong points and specializations. An accountant Maleny that had previous experiences in the field you are working on can definitely be a greater asset than a more experienced accountant who has never worked in your field before. As such, pay attention to the specifics of each accountant.
    • Sticking to local services – technology has made many things possible nowadays, including the ability to make use of distant services. Whilst in the past, making use of services that were located in other districts, or even countries, was almost unheard of, today, the situation is starkly different: the advent of the internet and high-speed connections have made it possible for companies to rely on business process outsourcing that is based in remote locations. As such, do not be limited in your search to companies that in the vicinity of your business. If you are in need of specialized bookkeeping services, do not hesitate to search for companies beyond your usual range of business activities.
      • Not having a dedicated accountant – this point is not relevant to businesses who hire in-house accountants, as these will definitely be dedicated to the business’ accounting and other related work. When it comes to hiring external accountants for your services, an important point to keep in mind is to find out whether the accountants who work for you will regularly change or not. If the same accountants work for you, they will most certainly be able to acquaint themselves with the specifics of the business, whereas different accountants will need time to adjust themselves every time. The dedicated accountants can of course work for other companies, but the point is that the same accountants should be working for you when you request their services.